Price List 

North American     Shoulder    Lifesize

Black Bear                                                 $500                                $400 l/f

Bobcat                                                         $350                                $700

Coyote                                                         $350                                $700

Fox                                                               $300                               $675

Hog (Wild Boar)                                       $550                                $2000

Raccoon                                                       N/A                                 $350

Squirrel                                                       N/A                                  $300

Whitetail Deer                                           $440                               $2000


All lifesize include a basic habitat base. Rocks and plants are extra.

Extra charges for open mouth, wall pedestal and floor pedestals.

European Skull Mounts

Whitetail Deer $100

Wild Boar $150

Come either mounted on cedar driftwood or skull hanger.

Other options available: ie. SC State Plaque 10" is $30 extra.

Rotten skulls are $75 extra.

Antler Mounts

Basic antler mount on an oak plaque $75

Deer Backhide Tanning

Deerhide tanning   1/2 hide  $75

                                   full hide  $110


Ducks                          $300

Goose(sm)                  $375

Goose(lg)                    $425

Turkey(standing)      $650

Turkey(flying)           $700

Turkey(strut)             $800

All birds come mounted on your basic cedar driftwood.

Custom habitats are available.

Replica Fish

$17 per inch with a minimum of $250. Bring us a picture of your fish and we will do our best to duplicate it.

We are not accepting skin fish mounts or alligators at this time.

If your trophy is not listed, please call and we will discuss your options. NO PETS. Custom poses and habitats are available and priced on request! (843) 879-8449

Terms and Conditions:

ALL TANNING ACCEPTED AT OWNERS RISK! A 50% deposit is required on all work prior to the beginning of mounting procedures of your trophy. Upon completion of your trophy, you will be notified by phone and mail. The balance is due within 10 days of the notice. However you may leave your trophy until it is convenient for you to pick up IF arranged before-hand AND paid in full. Completed work not paid for within 30 days of notification is subject to a late charge. After 90 days your trophy is subject to resale or disposal with the loss of initial deposit. Beach Taxidermy assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft, flood, vandalism, power failure or any casualty beyond our control.